Why go custom? Why use Milltag?

For years, the thought of custom cycling kit conjured up the image of a tiny fraction of society - the club rider. Out there every Sunday morning - the highways and byways their church; pedalling their religion. Rain or shine, in their garish wool or latterly glorious manmade polyesters, covered in logos of local businesses that shared their love for the quintessential working class sport. It may have been relatively cheap, but you get what you pay for and it was never the best fitting  (certainly not well designed and far from  technical), but neither was much of the pro kit and importantly, it tended to be the only cycling kit you could get.

As Great Britain's track squad took on the world following the foundations laid in Sydney in 2000, cycling has boomed culminating with the unforgettable London 2012 medal haul and Bradley Wiggins winning GB's first Yellow Jersey in Paris. More people are cycling than ever before and the choice of what cycling kit to wear are now huge from discount supermarkets to the brilliantly branded and aspirational top end of the market.

High end custom kit
To many it therefore means that unless you are a member of a cycling club, the need to go custom seems somewhat obsolete. They's a lingering perception that custom kit is the inferior cousin of the vast array of highly technical and expensive products you can buy off-the-shelf. Either that, or the average cyclist's experience of custom kit is indeed the cheap freebie from a sportive or charity event that quickly ends up at the back of a drawer.

A new type of cycling club
It's fair to say that plenty of the custom kit we produce at Milltag goes to clubs, however, these are not clubs in the old sense. They are not necessarily registered or racing. They are often simply a small group of friends who cycle together and want to look the part, but not in the same way as every other weekend warrior decked head-to-toe in several hundred quids worth of black. That said, they know their stuff and understand the difference it can make to a day in the saddle and the pricetag that goes with it, they just want something more individual. 

Design is a marginal gain

That's where we come in. Our products have been developed and tested to be as good as anything you can get off-the-shelf, but, fully customisable and with an added and very important bonus... they are designed only for you. We've talked to some of the best cyclists in the world and they all agree that putting on kit you love can set the tone for the day and could be the mental difference between winning or losing. A intangible extra shot of confidence on the start line. It's like when you are single and going out for the evening, that final look in the mirror and the nod to yourself that you look awesome/well fit/sick/the dog's bollocks (delete as applicable) is essential for the night ahead. Plus, there's nothing like a fellow cyclist stopping you to ask where you got your jersey.

Do not underestimate the power of design. Clothes can fit perfectly but the wrong colour or pattern can have you looking like a third division superhero after a fight in a paint factory.

It never ceases to amaze us that cyclists spend their hard earned cash on custom kit but are happy to recolour a template and not undertake the full bespoke design process. Come on people, this is the kit you will wear more than any other. Make it as good as it can be. 

We're here to help
We know it can seem daunting and that most people don't see themselves as designers, but, once again, Milltag to the rescue. You may not be a designer by trade but we suspect that you know exactly what you do and don't like. We work with you to create a design brief and our team that has designed for pro teams, international races and with World Champions can do the designing for you. The average one-off cost is just £250, a bargain when you consider that plenty of our competition have set-up fees and simply don't have the design experience we have, working with customers from highly sensitive global brands to likeminded and very fastidious fellow designers. 

The Milltag Union
There's also the added bonus of a stylish and original kit. It will make other riders jealous for one thing, but more importantly it is likely to lead to more people wanting to join your band of merry cyclists. Obviously that in turn is good for us - larger groups means more kit required. It's why we go all out to look after our customers. We don't just make the kit and head to the hills. We want to know what you're doing and will often feature you on our site, catalogue and social media (if you're up for it of course). It's a true partnership or 'Union' as we like to call it, a synergy that benefits and cultivates both parties simultaneously.

Take a look over on our Case Studies page to see some of the fine people we are proud to work with.

Designed in London, Handmade in Europe
Add to this the fact that we are based in London with a family-run European factory staffed by expert seamstresses and there's really no excuse for not dressing your best while on a bike. With minimum orders of just three per products you could have your own completely bespoke kit for less than the cost of a decent wheelset.

We hope this gives you a insight into why Milltag is the right choice, but if you have any more questions, email hello@milltag.cc