University Cycling Teams

It's that amazing time of year, the sun shines down, it's nearly time for the Tour and for students, exams are done and dusted.

But before you cycling students head off to the world of gap years, summer jobs or the world of work, how about getting Milltag as your university's official clothing supplier? It may not be on top of your list of priorities but it pays to consider it now before it gets crazy in September and it means recruiting new riders will be a whole lot easier if they see the kit they will be wearing.

As an example, we recently partnered up with UCLU and Leeds University for 2017-18 and here's the results of their redesigned jerseys:

We aren't ones for blowing on our own trumpets but the teams are very happy and it's certainly a change from the previous versions (Leeds here and UCLU here).

So, if you would like to have your university, college or club in Milltag, please email for a free quote and we'll get you looking the part too.