2020 is a big one for us at Milltag. It marks ten years since we debuted our first ever jersey, a nod to the successes of the 2009 Tour de France. Since then, life at Milltag and the cycling world have both changed immeasurably. The sport has gone from niche to the mainstream, powered by successes at Olympic games and Tours de France alike. We've been lucky enough to be at the heart of it, seeing demand for our bold designs grow along with the sport as a whole. Our individual releases became so popular that we began offering custom services to everyone. We now kit out clubs, teams, companies and organisations around the world and have supplied events like the Tour of Yorkshire. We've also had the chance to collaborate with some amazing designers, bands and institutions along the way. Going into the studio knowing you'll be working on a Pixies or Joy Division jersey doesn't really feel like a job.

The foundation of what sets Milltag apart, and has done since 2010, is design. Putting our own design ideas onto jerseys has been the thread running through the entire Milltag story. It's at the heart of what we do and it is after all why we started to begin with. We're always happy to say that we work with amazing clients and collaborate with people we admire and respect but these in-house designs are the ones that show who we are and what we believe in.

So, to celebrate our tenth birthday (pipe up the band) we're going to be remixing 8 of our favourite designs. For each one, we'll be taking the original and tweaking it, reworking it and bringing it into 2020, adorned with a special Milltag X logo because one of us had to learn Latin at school and really want to use a Roman numeral.

We'll then be putting the designs into a tournament, starting the 1/4 finals. The inaugural Milltag Cup will be a public vote to see which remix progresses. The final 3 will all be made available as jerseys but the eventual winner is going to be made into a capsule collection featuring a jersey, bib shorts and a cap.

Let's Get Ready to *word redacted for copyright reasons*
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