Red Room

We released our first collaboration with the iconic 90s show Twin Peaks last summer. The collection dreamed up what a Twin Peaks Cycling Club kit would look like, featuring key locations from the series and incorporating design details based on the fictional town. It was such a success, tapping into a devout worldwide fanbase, that we've teamed up again.

Featuring a full range of products from head to toe, the design is based around the key visuals of red velvet curtains and white / navy zig zag floor. Red Room is such an easily identifiable part of the Twin Peaks tale that the design needed to speak for itself. We removed as many logos as possible, making this the definitive ‘if you know you know’ piece of cycling kit. 

The range will be available for pre order via the Milltag website from Friday February 26th for a limited time (ending March 26th) for delivery in June. 

A mysterious, infinite series of spaces found in the middle of the dense forest surrounding the town of Twin Peaks marked by its lush velvet curtains and zig zag floor. The multi-dimensional space found within the heart of the forests surrounding the town of Twin Peaks is a key part of the show's universe and a look into the creative genius of David Lynch.

Milltag has opted for elegant simplicity in design, much like Red Room itself. The bold red contrasts with the seemingly endless white and black zig zag pattern. It’s a striking, unique look that will appeal to any cyclist with an eye for style.

We absolutely loved working on our first Twin Peaks collab last year. We were itching to get started on a second, looking for other areas of inspiration from the show. Red Room was a great opportunity to dive even deeper into the vivid world the show created and touch on another level of fandom.

It’s on the one hand a slightly more niche reference but on the other, a stripped back, elegant  design that works on its own terms.

The Red Room is a stylish piece of set design with almost art-deco features that give it a distinct air of sophistication. Perfect for looking great on the bike. 

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