Ravey FC

Milltag work with all kinds of cycling clubs to make their cycling jersey fantasies come true. With Ravey CC it's one of our sweet spot of cycling and football. Here they are to explain:

The football season might be over, but riding season is here.

Welcome to Ravey FC, a capsule designed to celebrate Football. Calcio. Futbol. Fußball. Soccer. The beautiful game.

Beyond the scenes on the pitch, the thing football has gifted the world is some absolute design gems. We’ve picked 5 of our favourites. Not reflective of the clubs we support, or sides that were particularly successful. These are kits we chose because we felt they worked for cycling jerseys (or a gilet) and weren’t the glaringly obvious ones.

If this has got your ideas flowing and want to make your kit dreams become reality, email us now and you can be riding in it before the end of summer.


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