Mission CC

Established in 2008, Mission Cycling has been one of the sexiest, most recognizable kits on the roads of northern California for over ten years.

"We started Mission Cycling with a lot of goals in mind but a central idea was to create a great looking kit that was representative of our neighborhood, The Mission, and everything that makes it one of the most creative and dynamic in the world. In order to achieve that goal we have always maintained high standards for kit design and materials.

As the club's creative director I'm always on the look-out for the best possible partners in designing and manufacturing our kit. When I became aware of Milltag and had an opportunity to test of their product for myself I was impressed. I immediately set up a call with them to explore the possibilities of working together. During my first phone call with Ed it was obvious we should be working together: Milltag is located in my old 'hood (Ladbroke Grove) and AND Ed let me know that he's a big San Francisco 49ers fan. The universe was speaking. We discussed the importance of kit comprised of clean, modern design as well as standard-setting materials. We started working on the club kit for that year.

Throughout our work together, Milltag has always been a motivating, creative partner. They're commitment to quality is unquestionable and they're always coming up with something new we didn't know we needed until they show it to us. We're in touch as often as necessary despite being eight time zones apart and we've tackled the challenges of international trade as partners. Our club has been riding Milltag kit for 3 years and we're not planning on changing. The response from the club riders continues to be overwhelmingly positive and I love that I've know some quality dudes to ride with when I'm back in London."

Dylan DiBona
Kit Manager  Mission CC