Milltag X Cycling Weekly

If you combined the years of readership at Milltag HQ, you'd get a number not far off the age of the magazine. Cycling Weekly is the doyenne of British cycling journalism and it is an honour to be working with them this year to bring you a heritage kit, harking back to the storied history of the publication.

130 years ago, in 1891, three young cyclists published their first edition of a magazine that would change the way the sport was covered. Thanks to the invention of the safety bicycle (an ironic name as first iterations were probably not entirely without peril) cycling was experiencing a level of growth similar to what we’re seeing again now. Led by the magnificently named Edmund ‘Sally’ Dangerfield, the magazine focused on the growing club scene and early time trialling, something that is still a key thread in current issues. Dangerfield himself was a dab hand against the clock, winning the Bath Road 100. He was one of the first people to see the scope of the Safety bicycle as opposed to the “Ordinary”. This was the rather dubious nickname given to what we now know as the Penny Farthing. Times really have changed, the Farthing would seem totally alien on our streets now yet we’re totally accustomed to seeing aero road bikes more akin to a sci fi novel set in the near future.

We've been readers since we each got into riding and the wider culture surrounding cycling as a hobby. We’ve used Cycling Weekly like so many others as a companion, a guide and font of knowledge on the sport we love. As designers, being given access to such a rich archive of material was incredibly exciting, providing the opportunity to pick out old elements we feel encapsulate the heritage of the magazine. 

As a nod to history, the kit is designed to be refined and elegant, harking back to days of simple patterns with rich colours that were beautiful in their simplicity. The heart of the jersey is the logo, taken from the old title of magazines from the first half of the 20th century. We felt like it makes for a beautiful crest. Flicking back through these old issues was a great nostalgic journey. Materials, trends and aesthetics may change but at our core us cycling fanatics have always and will always love reading about what’s new. Whether it’s the invention of the derailleur or a new sock that saves you a single watt, a piece of reportage about club tens or a long read about a gravel adventure, CW has always provided us a weekly round up from all corners of the cycling world.

We’ve gone for our club fit jersey with our pro fit bib shorts. It’s the most popular combination of kit from our now decade-plus run of making custom kit from clubs and teams all over the world. The club jersey provides a slim but forgiving fit. Snug in all the right places to stop any unwanted flapping but relaxed enough to be comfortable for any riding you’ve got in mind. Our Pro Bib Shorts feature a great compression fit along with our top of the line pad to provide maximum support for journeys long or short. To top it off, there is of course a classic cycling cap. The cherry on the icing of any cycling outfit. 

It’s a pleasure to be working with Cycling Weekly and we hope you love the kit.

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