Milltag Rebrand

It’s coming up eight years since we first designed and created our first cycling jersey and in that time, Milltag has developed into what we would argue is one of the finest custom kit companies around.

As we have grown, so has our desire to improve how we work with our customers – highlighting what they do whilst wearing the clothes we make for them – after all, if they look good and attract new riders to join them, then all the more kit we get to make. We see our customers more as partners, a union designed to inspire and benefit each other.

As this mission has become clear to us, it felt like the right time to update our brand and today’s Tour of Oman sees the first products to feature a new Milltag logo – on our brand new Pro jersey.

The logo and subsequent brand rollout has been designed with the affiliation with our clients at its core. The M logo – our new head badge – with its bold ‘Slash’ is a constant reminder of the two way relationship entered into with every custom project we undertake.

With a new website a matter of weeks away, our custom work will be taking centre stage. You’ll still be able to purchase the range of cyclewear that you are become accustomed to, but with a reduction in our minimum orders to just three per product, we hope that more riders take the opportunity to use Milltag to wear something truly unique rather than follow the crowd.

We are very excited to see the new logo and brand in action over the coming season and should you wish to join the Milltag Union, get in touch and you could be wearing something that reflects you your personality and leaves them all behind.

Ride hard,

Ed Cowburn
Founder and Creative Director