Matrix Kit 2017 pt2

Following on from the initial concepts and team feedback we worked on the clear favourite. The pattern had been inspired by the boards of the velodrome at speed as ridden by Laura, Elinor and new rider Laurine and they loved it.

Now to finish the design and create a coherent collection of garments it was important to add a little more drama to the back of the jersey to continue the precedent set in previous year's - by adding splashes of green and white. Here are the options we came up with:

Feedback from Stef and the team was swift and concise: "C, but perhaps we should try black bibs for an even more classic look?" We like feedback like this.

All that was needed now was sign-off from Matrix and the addition of any other sponsors. This was were Stef came into his own. We all wanted to have a minimum number of logos on the kit but when you invest in sponsorship of a team you expect to have a decent presence on the kit. But with social media there is opportunity for sponsors to gain coverage in alternative ways through photos and videos highlighting what they do for the team. They understood and so to the final kit with logos and the Beryl Burton tribute under the collar on the back.

The rest of the kit uses the pattern in different ways, particularly on the jackets where it is only on the side panels. Sponsors logos are also much more subtle for a more stylish look inspired by traditional "anthem jackets" of the 70s and 80s.

Last but by no means least, the skinsuits. The team this year has World, European, Great Britain and Dutch national champions so out comes the official requirements and the full set of kit is complete.

We'd like to wish the team all the best of luck for the 2017 road and track seasons, hopefully we see the kit on a few podiums.

You can buy the replica jersey in our shop now.