Making Lunsar look awesome

Tom Owen from the Big Boys Bicycle Club shares some big news.

You have probably never heard of Lunsar. We hadn’t. Lunsar is a mining town in the north of Sierra Leone. It has a population of about 30,000. It also has a cycling team, one that punches way above its weight on the national scene.

We met Karim Kamara, the man who runs Lunsar Cycling Team out of his bike shop, last month when we went out to ride the inaugural West Africa Cycle Challenge. He told us that they desperately need kit. Gloves, jerseys and helmets in particular. All we had with us at the time were 10 BBBC branded water bottles, so we gladly gifted them to the team.

The Lunsar riders we met while we were in Africa were full of the same spirit to ride, the same simple love of cycling, that we feel. They inspired us.

Since then, riders from the LTC have competed in the Sierra Leone nationals, with a Lunsar rider winning the women’s race, and men in the 3rd, 4th and 5th spots. When they sent us this photo of the guys post-race we were delighted. And we also wondered how much faster the guys might go with some fierce new threads.

This year we will be raising money however we can to put together a jersey design for Lunsar Cycling Team, get it made by our friends at Milltag, and taken out to Sierra Leone by the good people at Street Child, the UK-based charity that organises the West Africa Cycle Challenge.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll be organising a series of hill climb events across London this summer. With minimal formalities, these will be low-key, back-to- basics affairs. And there will be cake. The idea is based on a series we did last year within the club, but this time round we’d like to invite non-members too. If you like a little bit of completely unnecessary pain on a Tuesday night, drop us a line, or just turn up to any of the dates on the flyer.

A series entry fee of £10 applies, as well as a £2 on the line charge per race you enter. We’ll put all of this towards the ‘make Lunsar look awesome’ fund. More info at