Lunsar x Milltag

Charlie Woodall, head of hill climbs for BBBC, catches us up with his club’s summer hill climb series and – more excitingly – where the money raised ended up.

You might recall back in the summer that we wanted to make Lunsar look awesome. Karim and his team love riding as much as we do, and we took it on ourselves to kit them out in some of Milltag’s finest threads and make them the first and only club in Sierra Leone to have their very own jersey.

To fund this we ran a series of hill-climbs on Tuesday nights across London, and for a small entry fee, competitors raced for cake, prizes and leaderboard positions. Over the six weeks we had more than 30 riders join in from seven local clubs. They were all very nice, claimed to have fun, and most of them even came back for more the week after.

The BBBC’s master bakers rotated each week to churn out brownies, cakes and biscuits (Stu even donated half his leftover wedding cake!) which helped with the recovery process after 90 seconds of eye popping effort.

The great news is that through the hill climb series and our generous kit sponsor, Speak Media, we raised enough money to kit out the whole Lunsar team, and the first shipment of kit arrived with them last week. It’s a twist on the BBBC 2017 club jersey, inspired by the colours of the Sierra Leonean flag and with Karim’s favourite font proudly announcing ‘Lunsar’ across the chest.

The second and final round of this kit is heading out in January via the StreetChild charity (they don’t have a postal system out there so we needed a bit of help with the delivery process), and we’ve got our fingers crossed for a big year for Lunsar CT in 2018, with some riders aiming for the Commonwealth Games in Queensland.

We’ll keep you posted on our ongoing relationship with Lunsar in 2018, there’s a huge list of things they need which we want to help them with.