Knight Frank

Milltag work with many corporate clients but the one that stands out this year is UK's leading independent real estate consultancy Knight Frank.

For several years they have supported and ridden the Club Peloton events including London to Cannes for MIPIM and the pedElle ride from Vienna to Budapest.

Whilst we created a standard on brand jersey...

We were also asked to create several different jerseys for each day of the MIPIM ride. See if you can tell us the classic pro team jerseys that inspired us...

The Knight Frank pedelle jersey was inspired by the roof of Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna where the event set off from.

At Milltag we take great care in treating every design as a blank canvas and an opportunity to create products that are the physical embodiment of the brands they represent. Whilst we are comfortable using the brand guidelines to create kit, there's nothing better than being able to add some event specific personality to really stand out.

If we want your company to receive this creative treatment in your next cycling challenge. Please get in touch with and make sure to give yourself 10 weeks before the event for design, ordering, production and delivery.

All images copyright Club Peloton / Matt Alexander.

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