Keeping the wheels turning

A quick update on life on the good ship Milltag during these exceptional times. Firstly can we say a huge thanks to all our customers for their support and messages of goodwill, it means a lot to us. We are very fortunate to work in cycling, a sport we love and despite all the desperate news of the past couple of months it’s been great to hear of so many people rediscovering cycling for both their physical and mental health. Milltag has always existed to promote and share in the joy of cycling, not just racing but all forms of riding. Here in London large swathes of the city are being transformed into car-free cycle routes. Some of the most iconic highways and byways the city has to offer are eerily empty. However, the strange feelings quickly disappear when you notice how much calmer and clearer things are. We're hoping to see similar schemes to be rolled out nationwide, with the UK catching up to our continental neighbours in Holland and Denmark in terms of cycling infrastructure and mainstream acceptance. Anything that increases participation in cycling can only be a good thing, for our own health and that of the planet. Life will return to something approaching normality once this crisis eases but we hope the transition to cycling becoming a regular form of transport becomes a permanent lifestyle choice for many.

Throughout the CoVid crisis we have managed to remain operational but that has only been possible thanks to the efforts of our incredible factory which has managed to maintain production despite very stringent workplace conditions. Our thanks must also go out to the courier companies and the local Post Office whose continued assistance means we can keep running as close to normal as possible. Many of our materials and accessories originate from Italy where production has been shut for the past 2 months leading to some short-term supply issues but as their lockdown eases all factories are back open and fulfilling any back-orders. Our first custom face masks have already been delivered and next week we will start to fulfil the individual retail orders. Thanks to everyone for their support for this initiative which has raised over £2000 for NHS trusts to date.

As we look to the future we can see increased levels of interest in custom kit as new and existing customers look beyond the current restrictions which is hugely reassuring for us. We're currently still working from home and collaborating remotely but we are making our first tentative steps to re-establishing a physical location for the studio and showroom.  In the meantime, keep well and stay safe all  - see you on the other side.

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