Islington CC

A relative newcomer to the cycle club scene in London, only being established in 2013, Islington CC has grown fast and now has over 600 members. We were approached by them in mid-2016 to produce their kit and consolidate the design of their kit.

“When I first became aware of Islington Cycling Club, I was riding for another club in the Tuesday 10s at the Velopark in Stratford. A friend pointed out this new club from North London and we both agreed: “nice looking kit”. Fast forward a year or two... and when I became the Kit Manager in late 2015 I wanted to do everything in the best way possible, and came to the realisation we could make our great kit even better.

Milltag stuck out for me as a possible supplier. I had bought one of their custom jerseys on a whim which became my go-to on hard days out on the bike (when not racing for Islington). It looked great, fitted well and never let me down, so when I was thinking through options for potential suppliers they were one of the first names in my head. When I first got in touch with Ed, it felt like a natural development could develop between ICC and Milltag. Through our chats, two things became evident: Milltag take the aesthetic side of kit very seriously - the key players are graphic designers by trade, and secondly, they are all about collaboration.

When designing our collection, I wanted to stay true to the formative ICC design, not straying too far from that classy, simple kit that had caught my eye a few years previously, and the guys at Milltag worked with me every step of the way. They were happy to offer up a myriad of options and give firm opinions on what they though would look best. In the end we produced a refresh that keeps all the Islington hallmarks, with plenty of room for classy design touches and modern features. Furthermore, the whole range of items work together perfectly, and it’s easy to tell that items haven’t been designed on the fly, but with an overall vision.

Alex Croft
Kit Manager Islington CC