FTR Milltag Spring Classic

There's a new race in town and it's got our name on it, here's FTR Milltag to tell us more...

"With the Tour de Yorkshire just a matter of weeks away, and a Yorkshire winner of the junior version of Paris Roubaix last weekend, you could be forgiven for thinking that cycling in the region is in rude health. Well from a regional club point of view, you’d be 100% right.

FTR Milltag was only set up in 2016 as a club with a strictly racing focus, and as such, we wanted to contribute to the diverse and competitive racing landscape, seen in ‘God’s own country’. The obvious way of doing this, was by setting up our own road race. Plans started, in earnest (also in a pub) in the summer of 2016, and whilst things have been ‘touch and go’ on more than one occasion, we’re now into the final countdown.

The FTR Milltag Spring Classic will be held on a testing course in the Yorkshire countryside, over 57 miles, and brings together one of the strongest fields many racing stalwarts can remember, for a 2/3/4 category race.

We were keen to do something different, and undoubtedly Milltag have been crucial to realising that aim, by giving us a totally unique race identity. Road racing in the UK is at a tipping point, with some clubs struggling to put on races, and others bankrolling them at a loss. You could say that it’s an ‘evolve or die’ situation, and we’re hoping that our race has taken the best bits from the excellent events we’ve attended in recent years, and added a fresh spin.

The roadbook goes some way to demonstrating how our race looks, and feels, and key to this is bringing in collaborative partners, not necessarily in it for financial gain, but to promote joint interests and mutual benefit. We’re so lucky to have The Commute on board, who will debut their new ‘coffee bike’ at the event; and we have something very special indeed lined up from North Brew Co.

70 riders will take to the start line on Sunday, including a former double National Champion, and a recently retired pro. To have this type of event, catering from grassroots to pro peloton, has to be celebrated and embraced and we can’t wait for the flag to drop."