Face Mask

When we emerge from the current lockdown situation, everything is going to feel a bit strange. Going back to work, back to the shops, even just back to walking the streets will feel at least a little alien the first few times. Indeed, taking precautions around the spread of germs might become more normal and practiced than before. For many, going to work or going about everyday activities in public may mean wearing a facemask.

In the two weeks of government mandated lockdown so far we have been leaving the house as little as possible. This includes going into our studio. We have only been going in to receive and dispatch retail and custom orders, taking all prudent steps regarding isolating and prevention of spread. We've been using standard surgical facemasks when going to the post office or interacting with delivery drivers. However, we've found them uncomfortable and wasteful as they cannot be washed as reused.

Our factory remains open as usual, producing custom cycling clothing albeit at a slightly reduced capacity. We're lucky to work with inventive and creative people who are always developing new ways of doing things, including times of crisis. They have designed a simple but effective face mask, borrowing garment technology from the cycling side of things. It means the mask is a lot more breathable than most, softer on your skin and most importantly, washable and reusable. As an added bonus, using materials we usually reserve for clothing means they are fully printable and therefore a custom item like one of our jerseys. 

These masks will be £6, with £1 of each sale going to local NHS trusts in London. Minimum orders will be 50 units.

As with any facemask, these are not fully protective, preventative items. They do not make you immune to exposure to Covid-19 but do offer an extra guard when out in public. Public health guidelines about distancing, hand washing and sneezing / coughing into your sleeve are still important.

It’s going to be important to stay safe when we are allowed back out. Wearing facemasks will be a part of that process and our Milltag masks offer a more comfortable, sustainable and better looking way of doing it.

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