Diversity in Cycling Report

In 2019 the Diversity in Cycling Report was published, addressing the things we can all do to make cycling the most inclusive activity possible. 

The report is there to connect white riders to debates and stories from the BAME perspective. It weaves personal narratives with demographic statistics to detail both the clanneges and (more importantly) the opportunities clubs and institutions have to be more diverse. Ethnicity, gender, location and socio-economic factors all play a part in this intersectional report. Indeed, it is crucial to note that when referring to diversity, someone's lived experience is not broken down into isolated categories. Some of the key recommendations include authentic visibility, accessibility, inclusivity, telling people's stories and awareness of your own positionality. 

We are still reading, still listening, still talking and still learning. We are trying to do this with a diverse range of voices in order to be more representative of cycling as an activity rather than simply a sport going forward. In time, we will fully evaluate and plan for what we can do to support, promote and cater to more people. We hope that you appreciate that doing this thoughtfully takes time.

For now, we wholeheartedly recommend that you read this report. Whether you are on a club committee, run a team, have a group of friends that ride or are new to the sport, there is something to learn for everyone.

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