Club Peloton

"Club Peloton is a small charity, established out of a feeling of community, friendship and people wanting to get involved and we are very careful to select suppliers who fit with our values. Milltag fit the bill perfectly as a small team, looking to deliver high quality products and customer service. 

Following a rebrand, we were really keen to have kit that stands the text of time - that people choose to wear, and can continue to wear, for a long time after they complete a ride with us. This works really well and our riders are often spotted out on their bikes in their kit, by staff or fellow riders, enabling them to catch up on the saddle or over coffee and a cake, which helps to fulfil our objective of creating a community.

It was clear from the beginning that Milltag take their design and product quality seriously, and we really appreciate that. Any issues we have, we are encouraged to provide feedback, both positive and more critical and Ed and Pete will endeavour to find a solution or make changes where possible. We’re sometimes limited with how much we can change designs due to wanting to keep some consistency, but the recent introduction of the Club Peloton membership has given us the chance to be a bit more creative and Milltag embraced the challenge and developed a great jersey, which we’re really happy with.

In a business like ours, some things can be last minute and subject to change, which can be frustrating and involve multiple changes, but Milltag continuously work with us to improve the process and do what they can to deal with last minute changes and additions, which is something we really appreciate, because as a charity we need to be careful about wasting money on any kit we don’t need. We have recommended clients across the real estate industry to Milltag and always received equally positive feedback. They continue to develop their offering and introduce new and desirable products."

Emman Healey
Sales & Marketing Club Peloton