Brixton Cycles

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with one of London’s most iconic clubs and best loved shops to produce their instantly recognisable kit. 

Brixton Cycles has been a fixture of South London cycling life since the early 80s. Their shop in the heart of Brixton itself is home to a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff who run BC as a co-op, something we’re very much there for. 

The Shop and club have a symbiotic relationship. We wanted to get a little more detail about their history, ethos and current activity from the team themselves:

1/ How did the club start?

In 1989 Lincoln Romain (A.K.A. El Pres) left his job as a courier to start work at Brixton Cycles Co-operative. When racing mountain bikes he’d wear off the peg cycling kit, stick a number on, and off he went. In Lincoln’s early years at the shop they already stocked a cycling short with the Brixton Cycles logo down the side, and a lairy fluorescent jersey (made by Lusso) with a small Brixton Cycles logo on the left chest area. Lincoln thought it would be cool to have some more jerseys, got some printed and, hey presto, formed a small team in 1991. Essentially, this was the birth of Brixton Cycles Club. 

2/How has the club grown since?

Since those humble beginnings we’ve grown into a small army of 180 members. Starting in mountain biking, it moved into road racing, track, and many other disciplines. 

The club grew alongside the shop, based on the ethos of the co-operative movement. The club developed a set of values and principles that we ride by. To paraphrase, these principles mean: we’re open to all, we’re all equal and accountable to each other, we exist for our members, we all have a say, we educate, train and inform each other, and we will promote the joys of cycling within our community. 

As a member of Brixton Cycles Club, you have a responsibility to uphold the goodwill of the cycling community. By agreeing to wear the shop kit you agree to represent the club and the shop, upholding the “no manners, no spanners” mantra. You agree to acknowledge fellow riders and look out for other cyclists while riding and generally make the cycling community a better place. You know, like saying hello and waving in the lanes, or helping a poor soul fix a puncture.

3/ What does the link with the shop add to the club?

Brixton Cycles Co-operative is the beating heart of the club. Without the shop, the club wouldn’t exist. Simple. But practically we are two separate entities, joined at the hip. But the shop's history is our history.

The shop first opened its door at 433 Coldharbour Lane in 1983. The shop then moved on three occasions; next door to 435-437 Coldharbour Lane in 1991, before relocating to 145 Stockwell Road, next to Brixton skate park. They hung in there for 15 years before redevelopment plans meant they had to move again. The cycling community lent a big hand with a huge fundraising effort (‘Made in Brixton, Staying in Brixton’) to enable a move to their current home at 296-298 Brixton Road. Brixton Cycles has always been in Brixton and is still going strong after a whopping 37 years. 

So many people come across the club because they go to the shop. Our iconic kit is available there. Helpful staff might suggest you join. Or you might bump into a club member (most probably because they’ve tried to fix their own bike and failed miserably). 

4/ What is the story behind the colours of the club and how has the design evolved over the years?

The small team that Lincoln cobbled together were all eager to wear and ride under the Brixton banner; representing the place, not just the shop. They wanted a kit that stood out as being from Brixton. In 1992, the green, yellow and red kit was born, synonymous with the area; Brixton and its predominantly British African-Caribbean heritage.

5/ Tell us a bit about what the club is up to now: what rides do you regularly run, what races are people taking part in etc.

Club runs a plenty, the odd crit or road race here, an Audax there, Herne Hill and Lee Valley Velodromes (and more), some bivvy action, some gravel, some dirt. Whatever your bag is, fun comes first. If you like cycling, then you’ll find something you love at Brixton Cycles Club. 

6/ Where can people go to find out about joining or supporting the shop?

You can read all about the club here: If you wanna ride with good people, then maybe we’re for you. For all your Brixton based bike needs then hit up the shop

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