Breakneck Lane

Last week I took part in the 2017 edition of London-Edinburgh-London, a 1440km bike ride through the length of England and into Scotland, and back again. Although not a race, riders have a maximum of 116 hours to complete the course. I first attempted this ride in 2009, it nearly killed me but here I was back for more 8 years later.

Back then I used twitter to record my ride and subsequently made a <a href="">short film</a> documenting my suffering. This time around it would be equally hard, the course was longer, hiller and the weather challenging but better preparation, mentally and physically helped me over the finish line with time in hand. I shot some photos along the way and they make up content for this short video below.

Many thanks to the LEL 2017 volunteers who make this event so special for the riders, and especially those that helped get me back on the road after a major mechanical failure. Commiserations to those who didn't quite make it, only four more years to the next one, surely the weather will have improved by then.