15 National Parks, 1 ride

Earlier this year we kitted out Laura Kennington as she rode through all of the UK's 15 National Parks. After taking some well earned rest we had a quick catch up to see how our kit performed and to show you her film...

Hi Laura, how was the adventure and the kit?
That ride definitely threw up a few curve balls...haha.  Brilliant to have explored some more of the UK though!

And your Milltag kit did the job?
All kit feedback is really positive! It was super comfortable, performed really well and having tested it out at both ends of the weather spectrum - biblical storms with torrential rain & 30mph winds to a 25 degree heat wave for the final couple of days.

You're too kind but honestly, please do give us any negatives as it helps us improve the products!
I actually don't have anything negative to say about it.

Any other adventures in the planning?
Just looking forward to squeezing in some more adventures with it now the summer sunshine has finally arrived! Ha.

Thanks Laura.

Take a look at the film and give Laura the follows on her socials. As always, if you have an adventure planned, get in touch and hopefully we can work with you to get you custom kit that's perfect for you.

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