Towards the Ocean: A Film

September 14, 2011
He went to France, he rode, he conquered… Here’s Pete’s film about the 1200km that were Paris-Brest-Paris 2011.... READ

Pete completes PBP!

August 26, 2011
News from our Audax Adventurer came in last night: “I completed Paris Brest Paris in just over 78.5... READ

PBP countdown

July 29, 2011
I was searching the New Order Catalogue for a suitable title for what may be my last post... READ

Unknown Pleasures

June 1, 2011
Well, I did indeed survive the beast but don’t think I tamed it, more likely it tamed me.... READ

Severn Across 400

May 5, 2011
As the world turned it’s gaze towards London and the Royal Wedding i had bigger things on my... READ

Iron and Whine

March 7, 2011
Welcome back, it’s been a while. The path to true cycling greatness never runs smooth as I was... READ

Winter Miles

January 18, 2011
Preview to Pete’s Audax season curtain raiser, The Willy Warmer 200

Tea, Cake and Sympathy

January 9, 2011
Welcome to the world of Audax