There are plenty of cycling blogs out there, including my own modest contribution to the genre here on the Milltag site but rarely do I find one that as entertaining, witty and evocative as this one. It records a recent trip from Paris to London, nothing so special about that except when you realise they are doing in on Penny Farthings!

What elevates this tale above the ordinary though is the authors’ musings on life, cycling, continental breakfasts as such like. Here’s a little taster –

“Todays’ ride was the best so far, we battled out of the Etap after a Spartan breakfast that would have been considered being put on a ‘special diet’ in Colditz, the drizzle lubricated our bearings and we were off up the N1 trying to get to Montreuil for lunch and… what a road. A surface that would bless Herne hill velodrome, the massive wheels of our Pennies glided (glode?) over the road, traffic was light and the road was straight, as straight as the Romans made ‘em in those days, destroying anything in their path, a bit like the M1 but without the traffic”.

So forget about the weather, settle yourself into a comfy chair and prepare to enjoy this tale of two-wheeled derring-do on the highways and byways of these fair lands.