Our partnership with Matrix Pro Cycling extends beyond the normal relationship you would get with clothing suppliers. We help the team by providing branding and design across all they do. So when we were asked to design a Matrix Pro Cycling frame for Laura Trott’s new track bike we know we had to create something that was not only branded for Matrix, but also unique and eye-catching.

The beauty of the brand we have developed for the team is that it does what all good brands should be – recognisable. The navy blue with the vest green and white diagonal stripes are sinonimous with the team. It allows the team it easily see each other in the peloton, but it also allows the fans to be seen by the riders which only helps when at your limits on the road.

Translating this to a track frame took a few attempts. The right balance between classy and over-the-top. Hopefully we got it just about right by using the frame angles in harmony with the stripes and just the right number of logos with pure white for the inside of the forks and seat-stays.


Above: The original artwork.


Special thanks go to Jason and all at Rourke for turning the design into reality (and the photos). Good look to Laura as she hits the boards with it at the Revolution Series tonight.