Our man James Bowthorpe managed to clock up a stonking 670km during his 24 hour roller ride in the window of Look Mum No Hands yesterday. Chapeau to you sir, a legendary performance and glad Milltag could be part of it….er, you can keep that Tommy jersey by the way.

He was originally aiming to complete 300 miles (500km) but i guess he must have got carried away – come on, we’ve all done it, and added an extra 170km just for the hell of it. ID magazine were covering the event so we’re looking forward to seeing the Milltag range in all it’s glory, JB very kindly offered to road (roller?) test a few for the ride.

Respect is due.

You can also listen to The Bike Show’s interview with James on last week’s podcast at about the 18 hour mark here.