An end of year report from the Defi boys…

“The years up for any sort of racing and we are now looking forward to next season. The hard winter miles and hrs are being completed along with strength training programs that we are enjoying and not enjoying but needs must.


The year started well with NLTCBMBC Thunder crit first time properly putting our new brother cycles track bike through their paces. Then the wait for London nocturne and the highly anticipated RHC London was next. Marlon and Chris placing well in the London Nocturne and RHC London not going as well as planned from Barrington who crashed his qualies and Chris flatting (experience was gained) at least looking the part wasn’t hard as we were in well designed skin suits from Milltag. Marlon put in a storming lap to qualify 33rd, some say it was aero stripes on Milltag kit but we know it’s the hard training.

After the London races & results we were eagerly waiting to head to Berlin for the Rad Race fixed 42. Which is right up our ally of maintaining a high cadence for as long as possible. As far as races go with regards to working together as a team to get a result that was the best. Nothing will beat flying down the autobahn with 300 other fixed gear cyclist amazing experience and event.

Then the wait was on for the RHC Barca couldn’t wait for that, beautiful sunshine, beaches, people 👀 and just general good life. Qualification didn’t go as planned skin suits got ripped and Tarmac tattoos were made. After party was lit 🔥 though.

NLTCBMBC again to the rescue for hungry racers. Putting on another storming event down at Herne Hill Velodrome, so nice to see the London race community getting on with each other. Many races were had and even champagne was sprayed by Marlon. Much fun.


Then the final race as the year of racing was over for at RHC Milano. By far the best of the RHC racing courses. Flowing fast corners that lead into raging top speed straights what an absolute joy of a course. That one we cannot wait to head back to.

Next year should be good. Making the transition from just fixed gear racing to road racing will hopefully increase the ability of the team and get some results.

Want to thank Brother Cycles first for sticking their neck out and being so good to us it takes a certain type of people to be that good to amateur racers.

Milltag for making us look like pros in an amateur races and can’t wait to see what you have I store for us next year. Model status body will be ready 😉

Kask helmets for protecting our heads

Hackney peddler for keeping our wheels turning.

So y’all next year.”


Défi collective.