What will you be doing this New Year’s Day? A late start perhaps but still time for a quick spin out on the bike, best to start the New Year as you mean to go on. But, for one person the cycling day will start at midnight when they set off  in pursuit of record many think is impossible to break. Milltag Cycling are proud to announce we are sponsoring Steve Abraham as he attempts to break the Tommy Godwin Record – 75,065 miles cycled in one calendar year, the one year time trial.


In order to achieve this he must average just under 200 miles every single day of the year, come rain, snow, wind. The current record was set by Tommy Godwin in 1939, there is some fascinating historical detail over on the official website but suffice to say it was a significant challenge then, as it still is now. Steve is no stranger to long distace cycling and his impressive palmares testify to a lifetime spent in pursuit of monster milage. His being supported not by some big budget crew but by a willing bunch of volunteers offering food, bike fettling and overnight stops as well as media and sponsorship enquiries. Further details of how to get involved are listed here, or to donate cash to the cause, you can do that here. You can also follow him on Strava here.


In an added twist, a US-based rider Kurt Searvogel is also taking on the challenge at exactly the same time which raises the prospect of tracking the two riders over the course of the year. Weather conditions in the Hawaii, where Kurt plans to begin his ride, may be more favourable favourable for this challenge, and the rider himself has a good pedigree but our money is on Steve with his slow, steady and methodical approach. For Milltag it’s a chance for us to test some products to destruction but more than that, we are proud to be involved in this most audacious of endeavours. Keep an eye out for Steve in the distinctive OYTT kit, the cable pattern references the original woollen jerseys Tommy Godwin used back in 1939. We’ll be posting regular updates and hope to join up with Steve for a day ride once his schedule settles down.

oneyeartt_frontdetail oneyeartt_jersey